This blog has no particular theme, it’s a haphazard mix of posts on physics, mathematical intuition, research outside academia and many other topics. I’ve assembled a few of the better posts on the Start Here? page.

I started writing under the name ‘drossbucket’, which seemed like a good handle for the kind of low-effort experimental bullshit I was writing at the time. But after a while my quality standards got higher and I also stopped caring so much about looking weird, so I started merging this back into my real-life identity.

So… my name’s Lucy Keer, I did my PhD on gravitational waves from neutron stars in Southampton in the UK, and now I live in Bristol and work as a programmer. I’m still thinking about physics a lot (mostly quantum foundations), but in a more free-ranging bricoleur style.

I’m on Twitter as @drossbucket and sometimes also write a monthly newsletter. I’m currently experimenting with having a notebook blog, Notebucket.